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About Company


P.U. HOLOX S.C. was set up in 1991. Its present position and further development are connected with the changes that are taking place in Polish social and economic realities.

The company is an undertaking by a group of very experienced professionals, who aim to support other Polish companies during this period of transformation and to create the basis for successful free market operating by offering consulting services and comprehensively carrying out work connected with privatisation and company restructuring.

The lengthy experience of Holox in the consulting trade has enabled HOLOX to understand the peculiarities of the Polish market which lets Holox help other companies enter the European Union more smoothly.


Holox is constantly strengthening its position in the Polish market, as a result of such successful transactions, restructures and privatisation processes and investment enterprises. The company, within a few years of its establishment, gained a good reputation among foreign investors, Polish financial institutions and companies, the proof of which is the continuously increasing number of clients and on-going co-operation with a number of famous institutions. As a result of working with numerous Polish clients, Holox has an in-depth knowledge of Polish industry and present-day legislation. The company also has experience of co-operating with Polish economic and national institutions at all levels.